Welcome to The Battle of Worcester Society (BoWS). The BoWS is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that seeks to advance the education of the public including school children and university students on the impact and importance of the Battle of Worcester 1651. Activities include supporting the establishment of historical plaques and monuments as well as the planning and management of dinners, lectures and conferences. The BoWS also publishes books, pamphlets and digital information and holds an annual drumhead service of commemoration for those from both sides of wars who lost their lives at the battle in 1651.

The society does not exist as a reenactment society nor does it exist as a solely academic one. It believes that both are an integral part of protecting, preserving and promoting the heritage of this hugely significant battle. 

On this site you will find details of our events, campaigns and proposals as well as information on how to join the society. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook and you can find out more about joining the society by going to the ‘Join Us’ page, listed above.

Please do consider joining us. We are a membership organisation and rely on contributions from subscriptions and donations to carry out our work.


BoWS Membership Secretary Christine Shaw &

BoWS Chairman Richard Shaw at the launch of the campaign. 


Adams and Jefferson Monument

"And do Englishmen so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for? Tell your neighbours and your children that this is holy ground, much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in Pilgrimage to this Hill [Fort Royal], once a Year."

These we the words that John Adams (2nd President of the USA) declaimed to the people of Worcester in April 1786 when he was visiting the city along with Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of the USA) to see the site of the Battle of Worcester 1651. 

The Battle of Worcester Society has launched a campaign to build a spectacular monument commemorating this unique visit to serve as a reminder to future generations about the importance of the Battle of Worcester 1651. 

We need your help. We have a target of £150,000 and we are already 10% of the way there. Help make us protect, promote and preserve this incredible part of world history. 


The Home of Liberty and Democracy

Produced in partnership by the Worcestershire LEP and the Worcester City Council our President and former Chairman, Benjamin Humphrey, has fronted a mini-documentary that will be used as a marketing tool for Worcestershire as the home of Liberty and Democracy. 


At just over 8mins in length it is a fabulous introduction to a fascinating part of history that is often forgotten.



His Grace The Duke of Hamilton and Brandon ~ The Rt. Hon. The Earl Spencer DL ~ Sir Robert Worcester KBE DLLord Faulkner of Worcester

Lord Selkirk of Douglas PC QC Prof. Ronald Hutton F.R.Hist.S ~ Rosalind, The Lady Morrison DL ~ Nigel Adams MP ~Henry Berkeley Esq.


Richard Shaw  BA


Benjamin Humphrey JP FRSA